A Visit to Lynn Meadows

August was a big month for the Millers! Afton turned two, grandparents and friends came to visit, Alex started a new job, and I... well... I got mono. :/ I am starting to feel like a normal human more days than not, so I'm pretty sure that the worst of that is over, thank goodness! How about I start my blog catch-up with a fun outing from the pre-mono part of August? ;) 

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center - Gulfport, Mississippi Children's Museum

One day while Sweet T and Grandaddy were in town for Afton's birthday and Lucy was in town for her baby shower, I took the day off work so that we could all play together. :) I actually just now remembered that this day was my birthday, ha! We headed to Gulfport to explore Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. Afton had tons of fun playing on all the things that go, including trains...

grandfather and toddler granddaughter playing with trains at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center


grandmother and toddler granddaughter with crane at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center


little girl with boat at Lynn Meadows in Gulfport

...and planes!

kid playing on rocket ship at children's museum in Gulfport, Mississippi

Alex and I had brought Afton to Lynn Meadows on free nights before, and although she had tons of fun then too, I have to say it was well worth the ticket price to avoid the crowds and get to enjoy the exhibits even more. Since it wasn't overrun with bigger kids this time, she got to try out the Super Colossal Climbing structure for the first time!

mommy and toddler climbing at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

She enjoyed a safari...

little with safari exhibit at children's museum in Gulfport, Mississippi

...and rocked her first TV performance! ;) 

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center TV studio exhibit

Grandaddy gave some engineering lessons (it's never too early)!

simple machines at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Afton called the shots at the tea party (and the grocery store.)

grocery store and tea party at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

It was especially sweet to see Afton and Lucy hanging out at Lynn Meadows because Lucy had told me back when I was pregnant that she couldn't wait to join us there someday! How extra special that we made it happen even though she has since moved away--and that baby John Rhoades (who will be here SOON!) tagged along in utero! :) 

kaleidoscope and sign at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

Lucy had to head back to Nashville that afternoon, but there's lots more August fun with Sweet T and Grandaddy, so if you're into that kind of thing, stay tuned! ;)