Oysters, Crepe Myrtles, & Crazy Hair (And Other July Happenings)

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It's only the second day of August, and I'm already ready to blog about July!

personal blog post by Uninvented Colors Photography in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

That's probably because we didn't take any big trips in July, but we have had some mini-adventures right here in town.

flower and storefronts in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

And in our own yard!

hydrangea and pink tropical flower

Afton can finally reach the pedals on her tricycle and will be riding in no time. Check out how crazy-curly her hair is in the humidity!

cute two-year-old girl riding tricycle, scooter

Bubbles are still a favorite! 

blowing bubbles - bubble photography

As usual, our recent adventures involved some good eatin'! We love Buzzy's, and Afton looked stylish in her cute new Dutch+Boots bib during our latest breakfast there! 

breakfast at Buzzy's Breakfast Join in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

She ate her first-ever oysters at Brady's, a new restaurant in Pascagoula. She was a BIG fan, which made her daddy very proud. We all thoroughly enjoyed our meal there and will definitely be back!

Brady's Steak and Seafood in Pascagoula, Mississippi (toddler girl eating oysters)

Another first: a visit to the park at Point Cadet in Biloxi. 

Biloxi, Mississippi splash park

Afton had so much fun on the playground!

2-year-old girl on playground at Biloxi splash park

And we all loved the splash park!

family fun in the summer, splash park in Biloxi, Mississippi

Sweet T, Grandma, and Granny have kept her well-dressed for church on Sundays!

2-year-old girl in patriotic dress
toddler girl in cute bumblebee dress
toddler girl in Octopus dress

I love how she's carrying her bag while "mowing." ;)

toddler girl wearing dress, playing with bubble mower

Alex even grabbed the camera for some story-time photos one Sunday morning. 

mom reading book to toddler daughter

I love this little bookworm!!

2-year-old girl reading books in bedroom

If you read my blog regularly, you're probably tired of "I took a walk in my neighborhood with my macro lens and it was awesome," but... it just doesn't get old! I think the fact that I don't have a window in my office at work probably has something to do with how much I crave this natural light in the evening--no matter how hot it is outside! My neighbors probably think I'm crazy with the way I stop on the side of the road (stroller and all) and contort myself into just the right position to make the light shine through the leaves just right... but if they saw these photos, they'd understand, right?!

beautiful summer flower in Fort Bayou Estates, Ocean Springs, Mississippi

That's a wrap! Stay tuned for more beautiful local adventures, but let me know if there's something ELSE you want to see/read about here, too! I have some ideas and would love to hear yours! To make sure to stay in the loop, sign up below!