June Leftovers: Sidewalk Chalk, Splash Parks, and That One Time We Met James Carville

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Well, folks, it seems that I took a LOT of photos last month. You probably know I've already shared a whole blog post about our evening at the vineyards and another one documenting the rest of our trip to the Outer Banks, but that still leaves three more weeks of June. As I was culling these photos (after editing the vacation ones) in Lightroom, I was calling them "the June leftovers," but there's actually a lot of good stuff in here, so read on! :)

blog graphic with James Carville and toddler girl

Vacations are wonderful, but we really have had a lot of fun right here at home, too.

at-home lifestyle photography with two-year-old girl - Ocean Springs lifestyle photographer

It's been hot, but we've still managed some walks around the neighborhood. 

Mississippi Gulf Coast colorful macro flower photos

Same goes for our Sunday morning photo shoots before church. Many thanks to Sweet T and Aunt Trecia for these adorable dresses!

two-year-old girl outside house in denim dress and pink bow
little girl in Sunday dress

Sidewalk chalk has been a recent favorite outdoor activity. It's possible that Afton might even enjoy it, too. ;) Seriously, why do we grow up and quit doodling on the sidewalk? It is so much fun!

little girl playing with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, toy camera

Of course, we've done lots of cooling off in the water this summer, too. Afton's favorite word right now is "pool" but she had not experienced a splash park until Navarro's birthday party, and I think it's safe to say she was a big fan! Our friends the Palmers sure do know how to throw a party!

kid's dinosaur birthday party at Ocean Springs Splash Park

Another current favorite: animal sounds! Below are a monkey, a cow, and a lion. Can you tell which is which? ;)

two-year-old pretending to be monkey, cow, lion

The last night of the month was an eventful one. After work, we headed to Gulfport to visit the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center--which is FREE one Friday night per month! Afton had tons of fun exploring Kids Street.

Kids Street at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport, Mississippi

We all enjoyed playing with the musical instruments outside. The sounds were so soothing!

outdoor musical instruments at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center

It was pretty crowded inside (did I mention it was FREE?) but Afton still enjoyed the pretend grocery store and (my personal favorite) the giant Lite Brite.

Lynn Meadows Discovery Center in Gulfport, Mississippi

Before heading back to Ocean Springs, we stopped for dinner at the recently opened Felix's. The ocean breeze was perfect, the food was delicious (especially the oysters), AND we met James Carville! Not bad for a spontaneous Friday night outing!

Felix's Oyster Restaurant in Gulfport, Mississippi - with James Carville

Another month of Gulf Coast living is in the books, and I'd say it's been a good one! How's your summer going so far? Let me know in the comments!