FMS Photo a Day 2015, Week 38

Maternity leave is going well so far--spending all my time with Afton is pretty great. I do have some down time while she's asleep, though, so I decided to carve out a little space for creativity. I'm turning to Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day project to help get my juices flowing. It's been a long time since I've played along, and I'm excited to be back! New lists come out each week now, so I committed to at least one week. :)

FMS Photo A Day 2015 Week 38

September 14, 2015: I'm proud of this. Even though I'm on maternity leave, I've been working from home some--writing a few psych eval reports. It feels good to still have my mind in the work game at least some of the time, and I'm pretty glad to know that my office couldn't manage without me. ;) 

DSM-5, computer keyboard, post-it note, psychology work

September 15, 2015: To my left. Having a new baby in the house means there are certain things strategically placed in almost every room: burp clothes, blankets, and pacifiers. Whether I'm in my bed, in the glider in the nursery, or on the couch, there's always a paci to my left. 

MAM pacifier with reflection and bokeh

September 16, 2015: To my right. I feel like I spend about half my time breastfeeding, which I almost always do in the comfy glider in the nursery. To the right of that is Afton's closet, which is full of cute clothes we've received as gifts! :) 

baby girl clothes hanging in closet

September 17, 2015: I never... I never put milk on cereal. I know it's weird. I love cheese and ice cream and plenty of other dairy products, but I don't like drinking milk, and I prefer my cereal dry. 

raisin bran in cobalt blue bowl on wooden table (breakfast cereal)

September 18, 2015: My own. When I read this prompt, I immediately thought of this page from Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes. I am so glad that Baby Afton is indeed my own. This book (by Mem Fox) was new to me when we got it as a baby shower gift, and I am so glad I was introduced to it. It's precious.

baby girl with book page

September 19, 2015: Candy. These are prenatal vitamins, but they taste like candy. I was happy when I learned that it's a good idea to continue taking them while I'm nursing, because these things are delicious! :)

prenatal vitamins

September 20, 2015: Perspective. We went to the yacht club this afternoon--Afton's first time! Here's the view of the pier and bridge through my sunglasses. 

sunglasses with water, pier, bridge

And that's a wrap! I made it through a whole week, and I think I'll keep it up! Want to play along with me?