Schmutz Family Portrait Session at the Beach

Another annual extended family trip to Duck, North Carolina has come and gone. It's always fun to re-connect with all Alex's relatives, and what a great bonus that it's in such a beautiful place! Last year, the photographic highlight was our wild horses tour, but this year, I was in for a special treat: a family portrait session with some of my dear cousins-in-law! It was such a pleasure to capture these images of the Schmutz family.

Beach family portrait at Outer Banks by Uninvented Colors Photography
three little boys (brothers) at Outer Banks beach
Family of five beach portrait (three boys)
couple portraits at beach in Duck, NC

Christian and Caryn are such a lovely couple.

Couple holding hands, walking on beach (Outer Banks romantic portrait)
little boy hands holding sand and shells at beach

And Ezekiel, Nehemiah, and Malachi are as sweet and well-behaved as they are adorable.

three little boys (brothers) running on beach
portraits of cute young boys at beach
family portrait on beach at Outer Banks (Uninvented Colors Photography)

I feel so blessed to have married into such a great family. Thanks, Schmutzes!