30A Babymoon

I was very pleasantly surprised when Alex took it upon himself to plan a short vacation for us before Baby Girl comes, so I kept it to myself that I was less than ecstatic about Babymooning at the beach. After all, we have the annual family Outer Banks trip coming up, and we do also live at the beach. I was skeptical when he told me that Highway 30A was no ordinary beach destination, but he was so right! I can't believe I don't hear more about this stretch of road along the panhandle, because it is fabulous. 

Florida vacation (welcome sign and retro VW bus)

There are several small communities along 30A. Each one is full of unique shopping and dining spots, and it's all carefully designed to be pedestrian-friendly. And I think the signs might be true when they claim these are the most beautiful beaches in the world! That's where we spent most of our time on Friday.

Seaside, Florida beach (Uninvented Colors Photography)

That evening, we explored the beautiful town of Rosemary Beach. The European architecture was so charming, and I loved that the landscaping was full of rosemary!

Rosemary Beach, Florida

When we heard the sounds of this guy's saxophone coming from an adorable courtyard (and after we consulted TripAdvisor, of course), we decided that we'd have dinner at Edward's.

Edward's Restaurant in Rosemary Beach, Florida (saxophone player)

It was a great choice! The food, service, and atmosphere were excellent. I ate slowly to savor every bite because I didn't want this meal to be over! 

Live music in courtyard at Edward's restaurant in Rosemary Beach, Florida

Before heading back to the beach on Saturday morning, we hit up local favorite The Donut Hole. We are so spoiled by Tatonut that we were less than impressed by the donuts, but the savory breakfast dishes were absolutely delicious, and we enjoyed our experience a lot.

The Donut Hole breakfast restaurant in Inlet Beach, Florida

After a full afternoon of lounging, swimming, reading, and snoozing at the beach (and not getting sunburned!), we decided to explore the community of Seaside. It's famous for its design and is considered the capital of New Urbanism. I also learned that it's where The Truman Show was filmed! Everything seems so immaculate and perfectly placed, but in a way that still allowed for a relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere. Seaside is definitely one of my new favorite places.

Seaside, Florida architecture and beach

"Jazz on the Lawn" was going on, and we were pleased that the headliner was Ike Bartley, the same great entertainer from the night before! We heard some good music at this lovely amphitheater right in the heart of everything, and Alex even enjoyed some 30A beer from one of the many adorable food trucks.

Jazz on the Lawn in Seaside, Florida with 30A beer

While we were wandering around, we came across multiple weddings--I actually lost count of how many brides and grooms we saw over the course of the weekend! What a dream to shoot a wedding in this beautiful place! That may go on my bucket list. I refrained from getting in the photographers' ways (I know what that feels like!), but you can see two of them hard at work in the background of the photo below. :)

No Lifeguards on Duty sign at beach in Seaside, Florida

We headed to The Shrimp Shack for a tasty meal with an amazing view!

Alex at the Shrimp Shack in Seaside, Florida

There was so much beautiful scenery to take in. Isn't that the cutest post office ever?!

post office and beachfront restaurant in Seaside, Florida

Alex was in such a good mood that he voluntarily went into this fancy toy store and picked up some sweet toys  for our Baby Girl! He insisted on riding back to the hotel with her new rubber ducky on the dashboard. :)

beach view and toy store in Seaside, Florida

On our way out of town on Sunday, we stopped by Eden Gardens State Park and thoroughly enjoyed strolling through the shade of the live oak trees.

Live Oak trees in Eden Gardens State Park

We even did a little climbing! ;)

climbing live oak trees

It was such a peaceful place--the perfect ending to our thoroughly relaxing Babymoon. 

Eden Gardens State Park

I'm sorry that I ever doubted you, 30A! I'll be back. :)