Baby on the way!

Long time no blog! It's not because my life's been boring, though, that's for sure! If you know me in real life, this is old news, but in case you don't... I'm expecting a baby! She will be here in August, which is kind of an accidental family tradition for the Montagues. My brother and I have birthdays one day apart in August, and my dad, grandpa, and uncle were all August babies, too. This little gal will fit right in! Alex and I are super excited about this new adventure and doing our best to learn and prepare as best we can.

cute pregnancy announcement with books

I've read lots of books and have definitely learned a thing or two. I'm just past the halfway point and starting to feel like I have so much left to do! I've really had an easy pregnancy so far though, so I am definitely not complaining.

pregnancy books

Uninvented Colors Photography has not slowed down, so stayed tuned for some updates about my Etsy shop--and a lovely wedding! But if you're interested in seeing my baby bump, learning what baby-related Etsy shops I'm obsessed with, and seeing how I decorate the nursery, you're probably in luck, too. :)

Have a recommendation for your favorite baby parenting book or your must-have baby gear? Please leave it in the comments! I need all the help I can get! ;)