Confession: I love Thumbtack!

Today I want to let me you in one my secrets: Thumbtack! Have you heard of it? I hadn't until it was advertised to me on Facebook. (I am often annoyed by those ads, but I am so glad I clicked on this one!) Thumbtack is a website where individuals can post requests for various services they need--anything from home improvement projects to personal training to resume writing to, of course, photography. Relevant professionals who are local to them can view these requests and use "credits" to offer price estimates as well as contact information, portfolios, etc. so that the individual can make an informed decision. I signed up as a professional and immediately began getting notifications when people in my area were looking for a photographer. Easy!

Now, of course I wish I didn't need this service. It would be nice if the inquiries were just pouring in on their own, but my word of mouth hasn't quite gotten to that point yet. In the meantime, Thumbtack is helping me out, and it's working! Truth be told, I might not be a wedding photographer without it. I would have never been in contact with Gretchen and Stuart or Tricia and Clayton otherwise. I am so glad I was able to meet these fabulous couples and ultimately photograph their weddings. Thank you, Thumbtack! :)

So, how about you? Have you used Thumbtack, either as a professional or as a client? I would love to hear your success stories!