August Photo A Day, Days 6-11

Despite my lack of blogging, I'm still keeping up with Photo A Day. The prompt for Day 6 was "this means a lot to me." I played around with this one a lot, but my favorite shot was this simple one of one of my favorite Charles Wesley hymns. The poetry is deeply beautiful, and the melody is so much fun to sing!

Day 7's prompt was "a sign." All day at work, I kept meaning to photograph the "Testing... Do Not Disturb" sign on the outside of my office door, but I managed to get home without doing it, so I roped by husband into posing for plan B. I think I like this sign better anyway. :)

For Day 8, the prompt was "peekaboo." I decided to peek out from behind the fascinating book I've been reading.

The prompt for Day 9 was "2:00." I happened to have some unscheduled time from 2-4 at work, which happens to coincide with happy hour at nearby Smoothie King. I love it when that happens!

The prompt for Day 10 was "beverage." Alex and I went to a party at our friends' house, and I snapped a shot of the collection of beverages on ice. I wish I had done it earlier in the night when it was fuller and the ice wasn't melted, but I still like way all these circles look.

The prompt for today, Day 11, was "I love doing this." We went to the yacht club this evening, which is one thing I love to do. I especially love drinking Shirley Temples on the deck as the sun sets.

Somehow I failed to realize (until now) that three photos in a row are of beverages. I think I need to diversify this coming week!