May Photo A Day, Day 28: What You're Doing Now

Today's prompt for Photo A Day was "what you're doing now." My over-analytical mind had a little trouble with this one. Which now? And can you ever really take a picture of what you're doing now? When you take a picture, you're not doing anything else--you're taking a picture. That's what you're doing now. Saying the word "now" so many times is making me think of Emily Dickinson's famous statement that "Eternity is composed of nows." So, really, every single moment is now. Or now, anyway. So I'll just go with a picture of one of my nows from today. Earlier this evening, I made a cd of photos from a family portrait shoot I did on Saturday.

The military, as per usual, is taking my friends away. The Cokes are headed to San Antonio but wanted to memorialize their time in beautiful Ocean Springs with some family photos. We're saying "so long" to them tomorrow over dinner, and I'm excited to share these precious photos with them as a parting gift. I'll be sharing them on the blog soon, too. Stay tuned!