May Photo A Day, Day 1: I bought this.

That's right! I'm doing Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day again for May. I've been missing it ever since I finished October, but I keep waiting for a month when I don't have too much going on. Finally, I realized that month isn't coming, so I'm doing it anyway! So here's the deal. I promise that I will take a picture based on the prompt every day, but I may or may not blog about it every day. Big deal.

Today's prompt was "I bought this." I didn't actually buy anything today, so I went with my most recent purchase, these shoes I bought at Marshalls over the weekend. I used Instagram only because it's pouring the rain and I wanted to use natural light without risking getting my precious camera wet.

Want to join me on this fun photography project? Go here to find out how. It's easy! I'm headed over to the Photo A Day facebook page to share and be inspired by others' shots. Perhaps I'll see you there. :)