Photo A Day October, Day 3: This Happened Today

The Photo A Day prompt for today was "This happened today." In a way, it turned out to be perfect for today, because I had a rather "happening" day at work. I had a pretty hilarious experience. The kind where, right after, you ask yourself, "Did that really just happen?" It did. But I definitely couldn't photograph it, because I don't want the HIPAA police after me.

So, here's something a little more blog-appropriate: a shot of the lovely evening walk I took with my husband (who took my picture after refusing to let me take his.)

I really cherish our walks, and the weather is perfect for them right now.  It's not exactly


here yet,  but there really is a bit of chill in the air if you pay attention. And it


like fall. And I can hear the high school marching band practicing in the distance. If I close my eyes and pretend the leaves are yellow, all is well. :)