being here now

Still sick today. It kind of makes me feel like this:

Appropriately, this photo was featured in a treasury on etsy today.

Thanks, jeniferglagowski! Also appropriately, the treasury's title was "be here now," the ultimate call to mindfulness. I haven't been great at living in the present moment during school time (part of the reason I thought blogging for Lent was a good idea), but now that it's break time, I'm much better at it. Sadly, the present moments as of late have consisted of lying on the couch trying to feel better. I must say I'm pretty irked that I'm sick just in time for Spring Break. On the other hand, I guess it would've been worse to feel like this while I was supposed to be doing productive things. My main concern is that starting tomorrow evening, I need to be a co-hostess and have lots of on-the-go fun, which is a little inconsistent with my current state of being. But there I go getting ahead instead of living in the present.

Here, now, I am lying on the couch. My throat hurts less than before, and I haven't been coughing much. I can breathe through my nose. I don't have any energy, but that's ok, because I don't really have to do anything. I have a sweet hubby-to-be to take care of me. I think I'll ask him for yet another cup of chamomile tea with honey. Maybe being here now isn't that bad, after all.