rhyme time

My dear friend Natalie has been writing children's poetry lately, and it has really inspired me to get my creative juices flowing. It really is an important outlet in the midst of the scientific, textbook-laden barrage of school work that's about to be in full force. So far, my best (ok, only) effort has been this silly little ditty for my beloved.

You're very unpredictable;
it's really quite alarming.
But I must admit your crazy quirks
are mostly very charming.

I hate it when you say you're dumb,
because you're very smart.
I love the way you use your brain
but also wear your heart

upon your sleeve so I can see
the things that you are feeling.
After all this time, I'm still intrigued
but what it's been revealing.

It's so much fun to share ideas
about therapy and fish.
To keep on sharing with you
is, I think, my biggest wish.

I hope you can forgive me, though,
for using all this filler
when all I want to say is that
I love you, Alex Miller.