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August, Part 2: Adventures

I’m back with the rest of the photos from August—when Jonas turned five months old! He was teething and CONSTANTLY drooling, and our dutch+boots bibs were a lifesaver!

5-month old baby boy playing in living room

Afton had lots of fun playing with friends…

little girls playing dress-up in princess costumes
little kids at breakfast tables

…and of course family who were visiting for her birthday!

grandparents and uncle visiting grandkids and niece and nephew

A definite highlight of our family visit was our sunset cruise on the Biloxi Schooner!

Biloxi Schooner cruises

I had done this same excursion a few times before, but this time was definitely my favorite because of the company—both who was there and who wasn’t, ha! Who was there: My parents, brother Alex, his girlfriend Taylor, husband Alex, Afton, Jonas, and me. Who wasn’t there: literally anyone else! That’s right—we did not pay the big bucks for a private cruise but ended up having one anyway just by sheer luck! The weather and the crew were excellent, and we had so much fun!

family fun on Biloxi Schooner Cruise - Mississippi Coast tourism

I love getting to do touristy things right here at home. I always get a new appreciation for where we live when we share it with people we love.

private sunset cruise on Biloxi Schooner - Mississippi Gulf Coast fun

What a perfect way to end the summer. Next adventure: SCHOOL! :)

little girl on the first day of preschool